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ArtSpecifier's mission is to link artists, designers, architects, art professionals and art lovers worldwide.

What We Do for Artists and Designers

ARTISTS/DESIGNERS/ARCHITECTS/ART CONSULTANTS: I decided to create this site after 40 years of giving presentations to hundreds of design and architectural firms and being asked each time if there was a central place where they could go to review those artists in the future when they are ready to make selections. I thought, if there was a website that they could go to see everything, timing wouldn't be as much of an issue. www.artspecifier.com and www.photospecifier.com are just those sites and I am confident that the artists and photographers exhibiting on these sites are exactly what the designers are seeking.

This will be an evolving site and will respond to both the needs of the artists/photographers and the wants of the designers. Eventually, I hope to include a social forum where both the designers/architects, museum curators, gallery owners, public arts administrators, art consultants and painters, sculptors, craftsman and multimedia artists can converse.


1. Q: I am an artist, how much does it cost to upload images and create a homepage on the site. A: Once you fill out the membership form and submit it to artspecifier.com, we will determine if we feel your work is suitable for the design and art consulting community. If you are accepted, you will receive an e-mail saying you have been approved. Once you are approved and respond to the confirmation e-mail, you can view the site and determine if this is the right site for you. If you like the site and want to be part of the marketing effort of this site and upload your images, you pay the membership fee directly on the site where it says pay membership fee. The annual artist membership fee is $100, there are no other fees or commissions if a sale is made. This fee goes directly toward the expenses of maintaining the site. Designers and art consultants as well as other art specifiers will contact you directly from your homepage.

2. Q: How many albums can I put up on the site. A: As many as you like

3. Q: What is the image upload limit. A: There is no limit.

4. Q: What is the DPI size for uploading images. A: No limit with the exception of the homepage image which is limited to 300 DPI wide.

5. Q: How do I get an Avatar? A: The avatar is uploaded from the initial sign up membership application. We recommend you use a verticle images from your body of work vs a personal photo of yourself.

6. Q: Why is it when I type in my name on the search bar nothing comes up? A: You have to have your first and last name in the box under each images that says : you may put in a caption here".

7. Q: Where do I put my key words so when I search on my terms they come up? A: All search terms are placed in the box below the images which asks for a caption, separated by a comma. If you are a painter, include words like painter, painters, painting, paintings. If you are a photographer, include words like photo, photos, photographer, photographers, photography. If you are a ceramic artist, include words like ceramic, ceramics, pottery, porcelain (if appropriate) clay, earthenware, etc. If you are a sculptor, include words like sculpture, sculptures, aerial, 3-D, large scale, stainless or what ever is appropriate to your work.

8. Q: Do you do personal marketing that includes my images to all your e-mail recipients? A: Yes, we periodically send out individual artists images driving the recipient to the site to see your work. We also promote the site continually to over 45,000 people interested in purchasing art work for their projects.

9. Q: Is there somewhere I can see how many people have seen my work on the site? A: Yes, under each image there is a statistic letting you know how many times the images have been viewed.




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