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  1. How did you got started in this business & a bit about your background....where you grew up, school etc.

I have always loved art since I was in elementary school. I grew up in Quincy, MA & took art classes in high school, had a wonderful art teacher but then detoured to nursing school. Nursing has helped support my art with flexibility and a paycheck. I attended the Art Institute of Boston, Academy of Art San Francisco and the Art Students League in NY all after nursing school. In the late1980's I moved from Boston to NYC as I felt I was just missing too much art staying in Boston. NYC was so alive and exposure to the art was exciting & necessary. I have been here since.

  1. Where did you find the courage to live out your life as an artist?

I'm not sure its courage as much as it's a part of me and who I am - I can't imagine my life without art. I think the strength to continue on after many rejections and disappointments comes from going to art school actually where I learned to accept criticism and turn it into something else - its all part of the process. One has to develop a thick skin. And then there are the good things that happen which keep you going whether feedback about your work, an exhibition or being in a publication. I do feel it is important to be able to just do art without the thoughts of having another job (difficult of course) - to be able to only concentrate on the art without interruptions from other sources. This I hope to achieve one day soon.

  1. Describe a few recent projects and rewards associated with the projects.

I am currently on the cover & featured with 10 images inside in WomenArts Quarterly Journal which is exciting; my work in is the new Studio Visit magazine that was juried by Jessica Roscio of the Danforth Museum & was in the Danforth show last summer. I will be in an Invitational show this spring at the Miller White Gallery on Cape Cod which is another new exciting venture for me.

  1. What is your favorite part of working as an artist?

Creating the work, being in the studio and exhibiting - getting it in front of other people

  1. What advice would you give to young artists just starting out? If you were giving advice to a young student or an emerging artist who is getting a lot of negative feedback from family or friends, what advice would you give them?

Accept the feedback and forge on- we all get negative feedback at times. Be persistent, you will find positive reactions to the work if you work hard at it & are sincere. If you truly believe in what you are doing and love it nothing should stop you from doing it. Expose yourself to as much different art as you can and learn from it - try to have a lot of art friends/colleagues that can help you and you can discuss matters with. It always helps to know you are not the only one that may feel a certain way or who got negative feedback. It's easy to give up but takes a certain stamina to continue on. It has to be a serious venture.

  1. Are you self-supporting as an artist?

no I still work as a nurse consultant for a law firm perdiem which I hope to give up next year

  1. Do you do a lot of commissions or make the paintings first and then hopefully find a buyer?

I have not done commissions, I create the work and have found that buyers are those that love it and want to live with it

  1. Can you tell me about the history behind your work and how you got where you are today?

Earlier works were very colorful and filled up the whole canvas (abstract) - I had wanted to conquer color and worked a long time to make it successful in the painting - then sort of inadvertently I did a small piece that had a lot of white space and a colleague suggested I leave it. That started me on a "whiter" series where there was a lot of white/negative space I wanted to make work along with pieces of paint, paper or fabric moving on the same surface. Those became about the movement in space and the relationship of one object to another. I had used handmade papers & oil/acrylic paint together in the past but now the mixed media included other materials also of fabrics, string, ribbon & handmade papers. Now I am moving back toward more color- I have found people really respond to it and am working on the movements in space & layering still but with more color. Colleagues have always been helpful to me with their suggestions & I am open to listening to them. My studio is in the Garment District in Manhattan and I have been very much influenced by the materials I find there. It's like a fabulous fabric candy store.

  1. How do you think the web has impacted the art world?

Immensely - although I did not ever think I would say this there are a lot of people looking at art online and willing to buy it without seeing it in person first. I think many young people are more device oriented than going to a gallery and am not sure they even see the point of it or it is very foreign to them unless as a social event. People have become very used to being able to get whatever they want on the internet and it is more convenient for them.

  1. How has the internet impacted your work from a marketing point of view?

I'm not sure of the impact yet but I have been putting my work out there on more & more sites for exposure so my name and the work may be more familiar. I have to adjust to the way buyers may want to purchase even art now by the internet.

  1. Do you ever take into account the current decorative trends when approaching a new piece? For example the colors designers are using now, the types of furniture both commercial and residential that are most popular in the marketplace?

No- my work begins from a spontaneous or intuitive process and feel that would interfere if I start to pay attention to any trends.

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